1. Shop of the Week - PiP Studio

    "Happy Products for Happy People"

    PiP Studio is a very lovely Dutch Company selling a range of things from home wares to stationary to bedding to Wallpaper and Textiles. However I am particularly fond of their porcelain range (they have a gorgeous collection of tea cups, which will probably crop up in my new feature “Tea Cup Tuesday” at some point).

    Now I hear you ask, “But if they are a Dutch company where can I buy their products and do you have to pay in Euros?!”, well it happens I discovered them through http://www.daisypark.co.uk and there are a number of other UK online shops that stock them. Their own website (click the image to go through) charges in Euros, which will be converted by your card company, and sometimes there is a charge. For those outside of Europe they’re breaking through in the US and Australia too (their website does deliver all over the world though).

    If you do choose to order something, bear in mind they do everything in Dutch sizes. 

    I leave you with my favourite bedding from them, a gorgeous patchwork duvet set. 

    Patchwork Duvet, PiP Studios

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